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illwillpress's News

Posted by illwillpress - March 7th, 2019

Posted some more doodles to NG, working on the usual. That's about it. :P



Posted by illwillpress - February 22nd, 2019

The Hatta & Sue Z. June! :

Spent some time coloring in various doodles of both The Hatta' & Sue Z. June for future cartoons. Sue Z. & Hatta wont be paired together like Germaine & Foamy, at least as far as backstory goes, but they may have a few episodes together. Though with the sensitivity levels set on "explode" I'm pretty sure ANY episode with him in it is gonna cause problems on YouTube, regardless of context. At least people still have a sense of humor here?




Posted by illwillpress - February 18th, 2019

Finished up a bunch of Hatta drawings for the cartoons, so he'll be popping up soon! (Sue Z. June is in the works too) That is all...




Posted by illwillpress - January 27th, 2019

For those who don't know, in addition to Foamy The Squirrel / Neurotically Yours, I also do a live Twitch stream twice a week (Sundays 12PM & Wed 1PM ET) It's an interactive stream with a puppet named Pum'Kin Guy & Pauline (below). The content is the opposite side of the Foamy coin, so Pum'Kin Guy is all about good vibes. (Though he tends to rant depending on the topic brought up, but doesn't get too vulgar. He has to add $5 to a swear jar for charity if he slips up. (Year end money raised goes to the local food bank.) Anyway, it's a chill thing with a small group of folks who like to talk about all sorts of things. Feel free to stop by if you like. It's a fun creative "down-time" for me, so it's not a super-serious atmosphere. I'll save that for the squirrels.

(Highlights are generally on YouTube only because I tend to think of NG as an animation/gaming community, and I'd rather not clutter up people's feeds with a 2 hour VOD.) Been doing this for almost 4 years... so I figure I should mention it here at least once.




Posted by illwillpress - January 24th, 2019

421628_154837249213_1.jpg(This was just posted here for folks who don't stop by Patreon for the random updates... so if you missed it there... and don't want to click on another link today... )

1 : YouTube seems to be leveling off for now as far as monetization goes, but a head's up for those waiting on older HD versions of classic Foamy... A LOT of later episodes from season 7-8 will NOT be able to be monetized on YouTube (Or even posted at all in it's current "Speak no Evil" climate.) So I'll be looking for other outlets to showcase that content.

2: Blu-Ray Collection: Working on the logistics of getting together a BluRay collection of all the Classic Series & Reboot Series. They may be split into volumes or a box set, depends on cost of course, but I'm looking into it. (Worst case, digital download will be made available.)

3: Sue Z. June : The roller derby girl who was Foamy's short-lived room mate will probably end up making a return in the current series. When? No Idea. How? No idea? Why? I don't Know!!! But I've been working on doodles. The thing is, I'm trying to keep the "Sketch" series as bare bones as possible in order to avoid making the same mistakes I did with classic series (i.e. bogging it down with Germaine soul-searching stuff.) It had it's place then, and those who "got it", understood what I was going for, but generally it kinda just made the series "too serious" for the average viewer. So if other characters make a return, it will be for a humorous reason, not some multi-episode, introspective character development with social commentary kinda thing. I did that, and I'm kinda done with it for the most part. I think at this point I can just make my observations about humanity during rants or using other characters to play off of without making it too heavy handed. So that's my goal for the current series. Bagels, Cream Cheese & Haunted Toasters.

4: Pum'Kin Guy & Pauline : Both characters have been a thing on Twitch and I've enjoyed the ease of creating content with viewers twice a week. The downside is, I have enough ideas to flesh out the characters into a full series, but not the time. So I'll be trying to somehow manipulate the space-time continuum to free up some more minutes in the day. At the very least I'll try to get some books written and some animated specials done. Currently around 30 pages into a novel, have 2 other animated specials written and rough outlines for other books and specials. I'm not sure if I'm glad or annoyed that I still have ideas after 17 years, but it's frustrating not being able to keep up with them.

5: Music & Pauline : Working on getting Pauline an instrument to play during stream. (Wha?) Yeah, since she's a silent character (and there's a reason for that) I thought it would be good to give her some sort of musical outlet. It's something I want to add to the stream every so often, but it'll take time to implement.

6: Foamy Rant Albums! Yes, for those who want audios of all the current Foamy rants, I'm working on an album for everyone. Should be on Bandcamp when I get a chance, but obviously this is going to take some time... I haven't even mentioned the game development!

7: Game Development : Workin' on it. Have some rough outlines for visual novels and I'll slowly be mapping out dialogue and such. It'll take time, but it's in my brain.

8: An Analog Tail : Yes, that book I wrote awhile back called "Power Down" An Analog Tale does have a second book in the works. 70 Pages in so far. Again, slow roll on that front. The first book didn't sell a lot, but then again I just put it out there and posted once "Hey, I wrote a book". Clearly I don't do this for the money. lol.

9: I will try to leave the house in February.



Posted by illwillpress - January 17th, 2019

At the end of 2018, I kinda said to myself; "I should probably do some self promotion in 2019". And so, with 2019 being here, I'm self-promoting. (I really haven't made an effort doing so in 15 years... so let's see what happens)

There's a bunch of links below & on my profile page of all the Foamy related goodies, social things & stuff out there. So clicky a link! There's stuff everywhere!

Other than that, it's back to work for me!



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Posted by illwillpress - January 2nd, 2019

Happy New Year!!!

What Am I Workin' On? :
For those wondering what I've been up to, aside from the normal Foamy episodes & Twitch shows, I've also been working on 3 Pum'Kin Guy & Pauline novels & 2 Specials. Why? 'Cause I can. Essentially the novels will be fleshed out tales of the Pauline character and her lore, while the two animated specials will be similar to "A Little Halloween" or the Neurotically Yours episode "Writer's Block."

For the average Foamy fan, this may be "meh" news, but it's something that really needs to be worked on. Though Pauline & Pum'Kin Guy have a different chemistry than Foamy & Germaine, they pretty much inhabit the same coin of consciousness, just on the other side.

Also, keep in mind, Foamy & Germaine had a good year of comic books for their characters to evolve as well as a solid year of animated episodes before folks took to the series. So allow for some dev-time. Even though both Pum'Kin Guy & Pauline have been main characters on Twitch for me, Pauline gets very little time to be known or developed. So with these projects in the works at least, I can get her story out there and people will know why she is the way she is.

Now for the OTHER stuff.


I've been researching two genres of games to work on.

1: A Visual Novel : (For those who don't know the genre, I would break it down to a “choose your own adventure” type comic book meets “point and click” game) My goal would be to work on a series of them with various types of stories for any and all characters in the “iLL WiLL PrEss Universe”... if that's a thing. So a Visual Novel wouldn't necessarily be focused on the current series of Neurotically Yours, It could be the original series, the reboot or just another take on the series all together. Currently working on rough story outlines.

2: A Fighting Game! Street Fighter meets iLL WiLL PrEss? Essentially a well-balanced 2D fighting game featuring all the characters I've created over the years. Why? 'Cause I actually like fighting games. (Unfortunately I'm terrible at them due to lack of practice time.) Ideas have been jotted down on paper for moves/fighting styles and so on. Nothing tangible at this point, and frankly, the longer I wait, the easier it will be to make a game like this. (The tech behind it is getting somewhat open-source and I'm pretty sure in a few years, the interfaces used to build games will almost be plug n' play.) This project is more unlikely however due to time, resources and all that. Just know the concept is slowly being work on.

So that's about it. (Don't get too excited, these are all just ideas and plans)



Posted by illwillpress - December 6th, 2018

Yeah, I've been slackin' on Newgrounds, but I'm catchin' up! (Sorry about that.)

Why the slackin'? Well, I've been keeping up with YouTube and it's demonitization mine field that I seem to have to dance around every few days. I've been working on the whole “Pum'Kin Guy” thing on Twitch (A live show Wed & Sun around noon ET), if you're not familiar, check out the episode “A Little Halloween” which will give you an introduction to the characters.

Currently in the works, 3 books (novels), 2 games (Visual Novel & Fighting Game... which are SLOWLY being researched at this point.), some artwork, visuals for the Twitch stream, audio production and so on, and so on. Yeah, I still do everything myself for some reason, So for those ticked off about me not posting episodes here on time, HEY! I'm Busy Here! (I'll try to be better though.)


So back to the shadows! To my work-filled dwelling.



Posted by illwillpress - June 28th, 2018

I'm still workin' on Foamy as usual. Not much else to say. Twitch streams happen every Sunday at 12PM ET, & Wed 1PM ET for those interested. Other than that, working on cartoons, and getting some ideas together for some books, & games. Though who knows if I'll have the time to work on any of it. We'll see.


Posted by illwillpress - April 25th, 2018

Posted the episode "Mail's Here" on NG, which is the first episode of Season 2 of the "Comic Style" or "Sketch Series" of Neurotically Yours. The most current episode will be posted in about a week, so NG will be up to date on all things Foamy. Other than that, still working on Foamy stuff as well as goofing off with the Twitch "Pum'Kin Guy" live show I do every Sunday. Generally it's a chill stream so if that's your thing, stop by if you're bored. Shows will probably start around Noon ET on Sundays and go on for 2 hours or so. (I will also try to add an addition stream Wed. Around 1PM ET) I'll see how I 'feel". After 17 years of sitting/standing at a desk, it's taken a big toll on health stuff. Nothing drastic, but I should probably go for a walk that's a longer distance than my computer to the fridge)  Which reminds me... I need more coffee!