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For those who don't know me, I've worked solo on Foamy / Neurotically Yours for over 15 years. So that's what I do. Currently in the process of updated ALL older Foamy episodes to full HD with NEW episodes being posted every 2 weeks on YouTube and NG

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Foamy Posts & NG

Posted by illwillpress - August 28th, 2020

After reading some comments (which took me forever 'cause I'm always working), I wanted to apologize to everyone on NG for messing things up with the older Foamy episode posts. Honestly, I really didn't even think they'd even be noticed on NG since they're kinda ancient by internet standards.

Since YouTube literally gutted 15 years of material from my channel, most of which was/is on here, I wanted to make sure viewers had access to everything somewhere and have been slowly pushing YT viewers here for what's now exclusive NG content.

Yeah, 2 episodes a day probably wasn't the best idea, but try to understand, I've worked on the series for 19 years, still have a passion for it, and I'm extremely eager to have a complete collection of everything available to fans.

I seriously, had no idea it would mess up portal rankings, daily picks, or screw up other's submissions rankings/ratings. I just figured I could post it, let folks on YT know it's now on NG and get back to work.

So with that in mind, I'll be pulling back on the older episode submissions to probably one episode, every other day. Hopefully that'll help balance things out a bit.

I still want to make sure everything is available on NG for everyone, and hopefully get fans on YT, both new & old to discover or rediscover Newgrounds.

I think a slow roll of Foamy postings should be a decent compromise for everyone. Yeah, some people are still not going to be happy, but I can't please everyone. All I can do, is the most polite thing in this situation and hope folks understand. Thanks for reading this.

Be well, stay safe!





Comments (34)

I love your work, it sucks you have to slow down posting though.

Tbh it took me several days to watch them lol so i'm cool with that.

Really didn't mean to cause so much of a stink, man. I get now why you're doing it this way. I bet if you PM Tom, he'd be able to make an exception on the upload limits and let you get all the classics up at once.

I'm following you on Twitter now, bro. Love to see an NG shout out some time!

Also, read Strawberry Clock's PM. He's a huge fan.

Great to see that you took into account everything that was said, even if it wasn't in the best light, you took it on the chin, and responded politely, so respect for that! I'm not a fan of Foamy, I never have been, but I have so much more respect for you now. Also, welcome to the Newgrounds Supporters Club!

But yeah, as Pop-Tart said, see if @TomFulp can do something about getting all of your older works back on the website, so you don't need to upload the old stuff, just the new stuff.

Thats all I wanted to hear. Thank you so much!

Eyyy we all appreciate it honestly

It's nice to hear you didn't actually mean to mess up the daily picks. One thing I don't understand is, why did you delete your old submissions on Newgrounds? You could edit the old submissions with the HD versions of your episodes, then you wouldn't have to reupload your old work.

Unfortunately, I HAD to delete them. The short story is, when I was trying to get my work on YouTube, literally, every Foamy episode on Newgrounds was already stolen and re-uploaded to YouTube and monetized under other people's channels. So I had to cut off the supply, gain control of my content on YouTube (which took 3 years of take down notices, while loosing an estimated 250k in potential ad revenue.)
So when you put that in perspective... people literally stole a quarter of a million dollars from me during that time. And despite what people think... I'm not a millionaire. I could have been, but way too many people just stole my work over the years. My last tax return? 26K adjusted. I make very little on anything I do. This year may be a bit better, but not by much. I'm just one guy. I work every day on what I do, and I know a lot of people generally don't care about the behind the scenes stuff, but there has never been an “easy” year for me. Every day has been an uphill struggle. For almost 20 years I've watched people steal my work, sell merch using my images, and it's pretty demoralizing when your accountant says “Well this was another shit year wasn't it?” while others are making passive income you should be making from YOUR work. It's not easy. Ever. So why do I still do this? Because even after all that crap, the hate mail, the negativity, all around thievery and assorted BS,
I still love doing what I do. So even on my darkest days, I know people still enjoy my work, new and old. It helps them laugh or think, and that's pretty cool. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills. So hopefully folks will understand why content was deleted years ago. It had to be. So I could eat, and pay rent. Sad but true. :(

Nice to see you still active.
I remember when i firstly found you...
I was young (9-10) when i first found you here on NG.
Nice work and keep it up! <1:^>

Yeah, it will be great!

Sounds awesome!

"pushing YT viewers here for what's now exclusive NG content."

I'll be honest, I didn't even notice that your stuff had gone from YT.

But what the site needs right now is people like you bringing their fans over here and generating traffic for the newgrounds! I'm happy you've noticed, and I don't want to see your episodes go away. Thank you for slowing it down and thank you for your support.

All is forgiven!

@Little-Rena They could of been deleted before the Project System ever existed, so I am not sure that is possible.

Eh! Good enough! This is refreshing. I'm glad it'll continue to be added in a way that works for you.

@Kutaykomiks @illwillpress This! Seems so much easier!

you rule and i now love the foamy and his crazy rants

I appreciate that you took the feedback seriously, but it's also sad that it will take way longer for everything to be re-uploaded again. I'm looking forward to seeing the series return in its entirety to Newgrounds. Maybe you can make a new episode poking fun of the situation.

the foamy saga finally ends.

Love you!

I think it's a really good time for people to discover (or rediscover) the classic, acerbic joy that is Foamy & Co. Honestly, I wasn't even aware that there was any drama.

I mean, the current system allows two per day, so anyone uploading a preexisting body of work would invariably end up creating a bit of unintentional saturation. The funny thing is, if the roles were reversed, I'm sure that they'd be happily posting at the two-per-day limit. Instead, you're making a pretty big compromise in order to help maintain the status quo. All I can say is: RESPECT.

I have personally enjoyed your work since the inception of iLL WiLL PrEss and the Neurotically Yours series, and I'll be looking forward to future material, both old and new. Shoot, posting every couple of days could theoretically create even more viewership over time, so...bonus! I'm just glad that you're still doing what you love.

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