I work on the Foamy / Neurotically Yours for eternity. So that's what I do. Currently in the process of updated ALL original Foamy episodes to full HD with NEW episodes being posted every 2 weeks on NG, YT, Twitch & even FB. Support if ya can. Patreon! :)

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illwillpress's News

Posted by illwillpress - October 13th, 2021

Let's Get Dark! New album out! Available to Patrons, Also on Spotify, Bandcamp, Itch io, Gumroad, & whatever streaming services can tolerate our existence!

Enjoy! (in a dark place) :)

Thanks for supporting!





Posted by illwillpress - October 11th, 2021

New music is being released on October 13th on Bandcamp, Spotify, itch.io, and a ton of other streaming services! Also downloadable for Patrons! (It's a collection of dark ambient music for those who don't like the sun.) :)

Other than that... work as usual. It's not like I can go out or anything... might as well be creative inside.





Posted by illwillpress - September 27th, 2021

Worked on the Neurotically Yours comic a bit more ... :P

(It'll take awhile to get done 'cause I'm still animating cartoons as well.)




Posted by illwillpress - September 18th, 2021


Since I probably wont be able to animate EVERY idea I want to for Neurotically Yours, I'll try some comics. They're "easier" & I can get more stories out there quicker. Would like to animate everything, but I'm just one person doing all this, so it's probably going to be impossible. But at least I'll have some stories down in case Netflix calls. (They won't call) :(



Posted by illwillpress - September 10th, 2021

Yep, it's been 20 years of Foamy! On this day, September 10th, 2001. The very first Neurotically Yours comic was published! Cartoons soon followed, 20 years passed and there ya go. I generally don't do a bunch of celebrating due to the following day being Sept 11th, but I don't want to overlook everyone who has supported over the years. Some for the full 20! So honestly, this milestone is more about Foamy fans, not about me or Dawn. If there weren't folks supporting this, it would be a lot harder for Dawn & I to keep things going. (Probably impossible.) So thank you everyone for the support. Be it merch, donations, goodies, or simply spreading the world, sharing episodes or comic strips. Every bit has helped. And generally... the best way for me to thank people... is to... GET BACK TO WORK!!!!

C'mon! Can't start slackin' now!





Posted by illwillpress - September 2nd, 2021

Generally I don't make a big deal about anniversaries, as Sept 10th is the very first day that "Neurotically Yours" went live as a comic book. Of course 24 hours later all hell broke loose on 9/11, (I lived in NY at the time) so Foamy's anniversary always has this looming shadow of sorrow about it. So for the last 20 years I just kinda keep to myself rather than make a big deal about it.

With all that being said, and just in case I don't mention it on the 10th, thanks to everyone who have been supporting over the years. Viewers new and old have been extremely supportive, and it's appreciated. Usually the only way I know how to thank folks is by getting back to work to create new stuff.... which I'm gonna do... right now!

Though on a side note, Foamy & Germaine date further back. 1995 for Foamy & 1993 for Germaine, but generally weren't put together until the late 90's in a bunch of odd little doodles... which eventually became what it is now. So maybe I should pick a different date for an anniversary or something? Idk. It would probably be 23 years if I counted the doodles and sketches they were in together. Eh, whatever. Back to work!



Posted by illwillpress - August 13th, 2021

For those who wanted a random Reddit to post your Foamy related art n’ stuff… assuming you’re not already posting them here… er, or rule 34…


(Started this today, so it needs some work) 

Be civil & have fun :) 


Posted by illwillpress - August 6th, 2021

Been on Reddit for 7 years, so I decided to start posting there, but if you're already here, then there's probably no need to be there. Kinda just moving things around to less restrictive platforms as YT is ... well.... YT.

Have a lot of catch-up to do on Reddit, but I'll probably start fresh with a handful of comics/animations from the series and add new stuff as it's created.

Other than that, September marks 20 years of Foamy, so that's a thing. I tend to not dwell on stuff like that as Sept 10th 2001 was the day the first comic was released... the next morning sucked. So Usually I just work through it. Stupid humans ruining stuff.


Posted by illwillpress - July 26th, 2021

Took YEARS, but I finally finished the HD upgrades for ALL the original episodes of Foamy! They are DONE!

Would have been done sooner, but I'm just one person, and all 260+ episodes had to be done individually. There's a lot of backend boring work that had to be done to make sure everything worked properly, and a lot of distractions from YouTube trying to monetize anything on the platform....which is dreadfully demotivating, but anyway.... all episodes retain their original aspect ratio. So 4:3 is still 4:3 and 16x9 is still 16x9. Next up is the reboot series, which is actually done. I just have to compile them into collections for folks. Same goes for those "Chibi-Sodes" & 4y-Records, Minion's Quest etc. Which will all end up in a different collection.

They will all be posted up on NG, but that'll be a slow roll, as I've already gotten crap for "flooding" the portal with "old content". Meh... they'll be available somewhere if you need a complete collection. Other than, support if ya can :)

Also managed to squeeze in some time for Pixel Art Foamy, which was fun to do. I'll probably try to do a bunch of the Neurotically Yours characters in Pixel Art form and maybe do a one-off episode or something. Just something different to keep things creative :)




Posted by illwillpress - July 22nd, 2021

My Pixel Art Phase continues!! Somehow I still managed to make tiny squares jiggly. Foamy should be up next :)