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illwillpress's News

Posted by illwillpress - August 9th, 2022

Vacation? (Staycation really)

Yep! Going to (Try) and take a week off from EVERYTHING! But we'll see how that goes as my brain just doesn't allow that for more than 30 minutes, so we'll see what happens.

What does that mean?

No Pum'Kin Guy stream Wed. But there will be one Sunday.

(Rerun probably Wed.)

No Foamy podcast this week, as it's a slow news cycle anyway.

Steve stuff! I have a backlog of Steve clips I'll be posting on YT for folks.

So it's kinda work, but passive work

Other than that, I'm going to drink a lot of coffee and watch/read stuff

(I know I'm totally gonna start working like, 20 minutes after this post)




Posted by illwillpress - July 25th, 2022

Cleaned up some of the Design By Human shop, added some stuff to the TeeSpring shop (Which is now just called "Spring" for some reason.)

One of the only reasons I'm using "Spring" at this point is because it allows integration with both the YouTube channel (Shop tab) and Instagram. A lot of folks tend to buy stuff through there for some reason rather than Design By Humans... even though DBH are cheaper in price. But it is what it is.

Also been posting some Steve clips on Instagram, Tik Tok (Yes I have one), Facebook & Twitter , as those places are fairly "short attention span" for most people. Clip compilations will usually be posted on YouTube & Twitch, and sometimes facebook.  So, don't feel like you're missing anything on TikTok, which I know a lot of people DON'T like using. (I'm kinda just posting there because everyone else was posting my stuff without my permission. So it's like YouTube all over again in 2009. And if my work is going to be posted there regardless, I might as well do it. :(

Discord will probably get a bit of an update in the near future as I'd like to clean it up a bit and make proper areas for folks to hang out and converse. Does that mean I'll be more active there? Probably... maybe... perhaps... no idea. I'm always working on something and tend to avoid conversations 'cause you know... I'm workin' here :)

We'll see.

Other than that, the Steve stuff has been fun, as I haven't had the time to do a lot of dead-pan humor since 4y-Records. So it's good to flex that low-key part of my brain. :)

Anyway, back to work! (And yes, I'm still working on Foamy stuff. Just multitasking the hell out of everything) :)




Posted by illwillpress - July 14th, 2022

For those not keeping up with stuff, I put together a Vtuber named "Steve", a 500 Year old Vampire who has a demonic "caretaker" named "Gora." Together they just make their way through the world entrapping rather, nasty people. Steve sucks their blood, Gora eats their souls. It's a symbiotic relationship. :)

Randomly appears on Twitch with some clips on YT & TikTok. (Gora is kind of overbearing in her duties)

And, YES. I'm still making Foamy episodes! :P




Posted by illwillpress - July 9th, 2022

For folks who are keeping up with Vampire Vtuber Steve & his Demonic "Caretaker", Gora, I Did another test stream with HoloCure gameplay on Twitch yesterday. So the vod for that is up on Twitch (not YT as I don't want to deal with the usual YT issues when it comes to content.) So moving forward, Steve clips will be on YT, Full Vods on Twitch :)

And a lot less headaches. :P  

(I'm sure I'm not the only content creator who's kinda missin' YT Circa 2009 right now) :(

And YES, I'm still making & posting Foamy stuff in the usual places. Card game still in the works as well. Still have to iron out some mechanics.





Posted by illwillpress - June 21st, 2022

Since i tend to get easily bored I jump around from project to project so I started fiddling with Vtuber stuff. Cringe? Maybe. But it's me just stepping my toes into the genre in my usual dark way. A cynical 500 Year old Vampire that's been asleep for about 30 years awakes to touch base with humanity, along with his Demonic "Caretaker" who's older than time itself. So at the very least it'll be different spin on the usual cutesy aspects of the genre. I'll stream on Twitch (but only at night.... y'know. Vampire.) Posted an introduction video on YouTube.

Twitch Toss a follow, I stream Wed & Sunday around 12/1 PM ET (for the last 6 years) :P

VTuber Vod (On YT) It's Steve! (I'd post it here, but kinda don't feel Vtuber vods need to clutter up the portal)

(And yes, I'm still working on the Foamy series, The Comic Book, The Card Game, & the Twitch streams with Pum'Kin Guy. I'm just workin' the brain here, trying something different to keep the creative juices flowing)




Posted by illwillpress - May 24th, 2022

Still working on that Foamy The Squirrel card game... and EVERYTHING else.) So yeah... busy busy!




Posted by illwillpress - May 10th, 2022

Still working on cards for the Foamy game, 62 done so far. Other than that, work as usual :)

More news soon. Should be testing things in a week or so.

(Will be a physical card game first, then I'll see what I can do about a digital card game)




Posted by illwillpress - May 7th, 2022

Will be releasing some audio comics at some point. (Basically, each panel will have voice work/fx added to a video.) Folks have been 50/50 with the quirky style, but it's a side-project I like working on, so it'll be added into the mix. :) Yes, still doing the main series too.




Posted by illwillpress - May 2nd, 2022

Completed around 57 cards for the card game so far, but I'm taking a break from that to work on some animation. Still have to balance out "game development", animation, twitch streams, podcast, sound editing, recording, writing, comic book and all that stuff.... kinda over working myself, but hey.... who else is gonna do all this?




Posted by illwillpress - April 18th, 2022

Been working on that card game I mentioned a few weeks back. Completed the artwork for 32 cards so far (as of this post) with about, another 35 or so needing to be completed. So the artwork will kinda look like this for the most part. (I'm doing all the artwork myself, so it'll take awhile) But finishing 32 pieces of art in under 3 weeks is a pretty good pace. :)

More news as things progress!

(Will be a physical card game first, and then maybe a digital one. We'll see how much time I can free up)

It will have some "mature themes" but nothing so drastic it would be considered NSFW... yet. We'll see how offended society is by a "Jiggly Butt" card.