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I work on the Foamy / Neurotically Yours for eternity. So that's what I do. Currently in the process of updated ALL original Foamy episodes to full HD with NEW episodes being posted every 2 weeks on NG, YT, Twitch & even FB. Support if ya can. Patreon! :)

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illwillpress's News

Posted by illwillpress - October 16th, 2020

Now that I have a decent amount of content on NG again

(Though not as much as I'd like 'cause posting too much is an issue)

I'll start getting the word out for folks to make a shift to NG from YouTube, Facebook Etc.

Banners on the illwillpress site and all that stuff. So hopefully Foamy fans new and old can discover/rediscover NG.

So spread the word! (I'm not expecting an influx of viewers to NG though... a lot of people just don't like making that extra click for some reason.) :(



Posted by illwillpress - October 7th, 2020

Yep, it's that time of year :)

Rolling out some Halloween episodes here on NG from the original series & the Reboot Series. Kinda want to get them out a little early so folks can have the Halloween Playlist up to date for your casual spooky viewing.

Think there's 4 or 5 of them that will be added to the linked playlist over the next week.

Seriously though, this year is going to be different for everyone, so get yourself some extra Halloween candy, set up some spooky lighting, start adding creepy movies to your playlist and just make it a chill evening. Be safe! :)





Posted by illwillpress - October 1st, 2020

Been doing the usual, Cartoons, Podcast, Twitch streams and all that fun stuff while also slowly putting together another Foamy series. (Probably in the style shown below). Kinda depends on how crunched for time I am. I wrote out some scripts and the comics I've been posting here are pretty much a test to see if the characters gel. Not sure what'll happen, but I'm workin' on... somethin;.

Oh yeah, Patreon & stuff.

Be safe! Don't let people sneeze on you!




Posted by illwillpress - September 23rd, 2020

Still working on the usual things. Foamy cartoons, HD Upgrades of the old stuff, twitch streams, etc. etc.

Also been working on an alt-alt-alt style, which is just a better version of how I use to draw when I was a kid. So it's an odd full circle type thing. It's just some fun downtime project that I'll inevitably turn into some sort of work. We'll see what happens...

Be safe out there... if you're out there. I don't go out there, 'cause people are out there.


(Like... seriously... they literally ARE germs now)






Posted by illwillpress - September 10th, 2020

I don't tend to dwell on anniversaries much, 'cause after awhile... it's like birthdays. You generally have a sense of “Hooray! I didn't die!”, but with Foamy, the last few years have been an uphill struggle. Random IRL stuff, platform issues, and just trying to reach viewers all seem to get a bit more difficult as the years go by. (Should probably start advertising at some point), but regardless, after 19 years, I still enjoy doing this and I'm extremely appreciative to be able to continue to do so, thanks to everyone's support! For viewers both new & old, the continued support over the years has been amazing. So as far as I'm concerned, the 19 years is more about the you than about me. Yeah, I do a lot of work, but if no one is there to appreciate it, it's not much. So again, thank you!


(I'll eat cake later)





Posted by illwillpress - September 2nd, 2020

For those who had an issue with older episodes being up for awards on NG, I will be opting out of awards for all OLD content. Hope that helps everyone else out. With that being said, I will try to get the older content up faster, now that it doesn't mess with other people's submissions. If it STILL is an issue for some reason. Let me know. Old content should now have zero impact on your lives, yet still be available to those who want to watch it. :)

Be well, stay safe!

I gotta get back to work! :)





Posted by illwillpress - August 31st, 2020

Since I didn't actually think decade old Foamy episodes would mess up everyone's day on NG, I'm pulling back on submissions to NG. So instead of 2 a day, I'll be dropping it down to one episode posted on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. So from here on out, episodes will only be posted on those days. Most will be HD upgrades, but I do still create new episodes which are hand drawn on paper & then imported, cleaned up, and used for animation. New episodes are usually every other week on Wednesdays.

So for viewers, it will take longer to get all the original series episodes back on NG. (For those wondering why they were removed in the first place, look at the previous post's response. It'll tell ya all you need to know.) :)

Hopefully that'll clear up the portal a bit for everyone, and again, I really didn't think decade old episodes would even rank on NG, affecting other's submissions. I don't really expect anything I do, new or old, to trend in any capacity. I just do what I do, post, and hope people enjoy it. :)

Thanks for being understanding.

Be well, Stay Safe, & If you're stuck at home... Use that time to create!






Posted by illwillpress - August 28th, 2020

After reading some comments (which took me forever 'cause I'm always working), I wanted to apologize to everyone on NG for messing things up with the older Foamy episode posts. Honestly, I really didn't even think they'd even be noticed on NG since they're kinda ancient by internet standards.

Since YouTube literally gutted 15 years of material from my channel, most of which was/is on here, I wanted to make sure viewers had access to everything somewhere and have been slowly pushing YT viewers here for what's now exclusive NG content.

Yeah, 2 episodes a day probably wasn't the best idea, but try to understand, I've worked on the series for 19 years, still have a passion for it, and I'm extremely eager to have a complete collection of everything available to fans.

I seriously, had no idea it would mess up portal rankings, daily picks, or screw up other's submissions rankings/ratings. I just figured I could post it, let folks on YT know it's now on NG and get back to work.

So with that in mind, I'll be pulling back on the older episode submissions to probably one episode, every other day. Hopefully that'll help balance things out a bit.

I still want to make sure everything is available on NG for everyone, and hopefully get fans on YT, both new & old to discover or rediscover Newgrounds.

I think a slow roll of Foamy postings should be a decent compromise for everyone. Yeah, some people are still not going to be happy, but I can't please everyone. All I can do, is the most polite thing in this situation and hope folks understand. Thanks for reading this.

Be well, stay safe!





Posted by illwillpress - August 28th, 2020

New Foamy episode posted on YT, will be on NG soon!

Also for those a bit irritated by the influx of older Foamy episodes on NG, sorry about that. I'm not here to take your spot on the daily's. I'm just making sure the Foamy episodes, which are no longer welcome on YouTube, are available somewhere for fans of the show. So I'll drop it down to 1 submission a day rather than 2.

Again, sorry about that. I've just worked really hard making sure all the Foamy episodes were upgraded to HD, and was SOOOOO close to having them all available on YouTube until the great cartoon culling of 2020.

For those who don't know, recently I've had about 15 years of content gutted from YouTube, and I've been really eager to make those episodes available again for everyone. :(

So apologies if I took up a spot with an older episode from ye olden days of Newgrounds.

Hopefully the 1 submission a day will be a good compromise for everyone. :)

Thanks for being understanding.

Be well, stay safe :)




Posted by illwillpress - August 18th, 2020

The first season of the original Neurotically Yours Series is now up on NG!

Neurotically Yours Original Series Playlist

Season 2 is rolling out tonight and will be added to the playlist, and hopefully I'll finally have a complete playlist of the original series of Neurotically Yours out there.

For those who want like, a physical release or digital download, I'm working on that too. But a complete BluRay collection will probably be about 4-5 discs which will be fairly expensive to make. I'll have to do a kickstarter or something. Digital download might be easier. Who knows. Just want to make sure the work gets out there as YouTube is being an ass about content recently. So thank god for NG. At least I can make the content available for everyone somewhere. :)