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2017-09-12 15:25:02 by illwillpress

For those not keeping up with the YouTube "ADpocalypse" it's pretty much affected EVERYONE on YT. (Myself included.) So with that in mind, I'll be posting new material on NG and Twitch as well as YT. 

After 16 years of Foamy (Sept 10th was the anniversary), I tend to forget, as do we all, that  YouTube is not the world. We all go there at some point or another for our music/vods/tutorials. It's CAN BE a great place for that stuff, but the  platform as it is now, is bloated and inadequete. The bots or algorythms used to demonetize content, do not understand humor, context or sarcasm, thus, it's broken. If they fix it, fantastic, if they don't it's just going to be a bland site of "G" rated content that no one is going to be able to monetize. If you're a content creator, make sure you LOVE what you do. It's the only way you're going to keep going when hurdles like this trip you up.

Keep Creating!



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2017-09-13 01:04:53

Best of luck, Jim. I've been with ya for, I dunno how long. Hope more folks can manage to support you on Patreon.


2017-09-13 08:27:57

Welcome back.. who knows with enough NG supporters this could be your second YouTube home.


2017-09-17 22:14:49

I'm new to this site but I've been following you on YouTube for some time. One of you recent streams (I saw the highlights) gave me some inspiration for an art challenge/contest. It's my only submission here so far.

illwillpress responds:

Awesome! Always create :P Thanks for watchin' too... but more importantly create stuff! :)