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Input from the masses

Posted by illwillpress - December 11th, 2012

It's good to know that there are fellow artists out there with constructive criticism on the new series... 'cause I don't get that on YouTube. The downside is, the current episodes being posted are older, so all the input can't help 'em, 'cause they're already done. So things like excessive blinking and odd mouth movements, among other things have been addressed in later episodes, and other suggestions will be applied to newer episodes in the works. So don't be afraid to send constructive criticism, just as long as it's constructive criticism. I already know I suck, so more emails telling me that wont change a thing. Lol. Thanks for the help :P



i thought people who were 80 doint admit failure

\/ Oh, that is sooo true!

What happened to the quaity of your animations? They used to be crisp and clear, but now they look a bit like a poorly recorded cam version of a movie, all pixelated and blurry. I love the extra effort that you have put into the new character designs, but i hate to see it undone by the encoding. I thought it might have been that you reduced the file size, and that reduced the quality, but these ones are 20 megabytes, which is ten times larger than they used to be, but with half of the display quality.

PS: i read the reply about the size of the .swf files becoming difficult, and sound sync not working properly, but i swear it's worth the effort to see quality, unadulterated foamy. If you can't post them here because of the size, is there anywhere else that i could get them, I find it much more enjoyable to watch them all crisp and nice

I like Flash better myself. The quality is insanely crisp, Unfortunately the only other place to watch it is on YouTube. The quality is a little bit better because of the encoding bit-rate, but still not Flash. Besides, Flash is "dying" as internet video goes for some reason. Even Adobe has stopped supporting it on mobile devices. Kinda blows. I think artists have taken it to the point of being too complex for it to handle. The de-sync sound, lag, etc. Artists have pushed it beyond it's abilities and Adobe needs to catch up. DAMN YOU ADOBE!

I think the series is cool, germaines head is Huge though

Speaking of desynced audio on the .swf versions, I usually found this happen due to the audio quality (for clips set to stream) when published to be too low. Otherwise, I have no idea.

It feels like 2005 again, that's a good thing

You've probably had this one pointed out a million times, too, but you're tagging them as foamt-the-squirrel instead of foamy-the-squirrel

Yeah, messed that up on a few. Meh, late night posting. Correct, thanks for pointing it out.

I forgot how much I missed your Foamy

the videos your posting are incredibly fuzzy. and really there's no reason for that. Nothing is going on animationwise, so the videos shouldn't be so terribly compressed... mike.newgrounds.com has a swf-to-video converter that retains the flash vector quality.. you should give him a PM, to get a copy of the beta.

you are uploading like 3 a day now. stealing all those awards man

give the rest of the award thieves a chance ;)

I read your reply about how flash is dying. I must agree, there has been a huge decline in quality flashes. A significant portion of the authors I think of as great have moved the base of their operations to Youtube. I am a little confused though, as I do not know if it was the authors that started this shift or if it was the fans. Is Youtube easier to use or more convenient? Is there just a larger fanbase on Youtube and the authors are trying to take advantage of it? Is it both??

How come you didn't upload any of the missing episodes from before the reboot? It's too bad there's so many episodes not on Newgrounds. I wish there was a way I could watch any episode in flash. I have episodes 1-128 on my computer so at least I can watch those episodes in order with vector quality, but it's sort of random which episodes are available online in flash format. I hate watching them on YouTube because of the massive quality drop. :/

Mmm all feedback for the future though! NG always done been the most constructive one...