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Foamy Returns!

Posted by illwillpress - December 7th, 2012

It's been a looonnng time since I posted to Newgrounds. Since my last post, I've gone through a bunch of stuff, from family deaths to being priced out of New York, but regardless I kept working on Foamy toons, posting a new one every 2 weeks to YouTube. In late 2011 I rebooted the entire Neurotically Yours which literally gave Germaine a reboot button to "restart" her life. With that, Foamy & Germaine have been transplanted from NYC to a small, quiet town in CT. Both characters have been making adjustments to their new surroundings. New characters have been introduced and slowly, Foamy's secret motives are being brought to light. (The Foamy Cult is still alive and well).

On a side note, the first season of the reboot were getting me familiar with the new character designs and testing out some new animation techniques. The start of the second season finally got me settled and 2013 brings back the crazy-weird humor from earlier episodes of the classic series. So hopefully, for fans both new and old, the new episodes will entertaining. If not, meh. I'm just having fun.

I'll be posting a bunch of episodes over the next few weeks to get everyone up to speed, then new toons will be posted every 2 weeks.

Foamy Returns!



so thats what happend.....your work is always awesome. even though i liked your old art style better i guess i can get used to your new episodes and the surroundings as well.
foamy kicks ass!

Yeah, had a rough year or so. Also the .swf files starting getting too massive and didn't play properly. So uploading Flash vids got annoying because sound n' stuff wouldn't sync properly. Still managed to keep up with it, just didn't post to NG, so they'll be around 30 episodes posted to NG over the next 2 months or so, just to get everyone up to date who's been out of the loop.

Welcome Home ^^

Foamy yells alot bro. My ears are bleeding!

the traced background looks really good

It's weird but I actually missed you.

Foamy's back so... it really is the end of the world! Only for the nuts though.
(pun pun pun pun)

It'll be great to see new Foamy on Newgrounds. This is his home. Foamy belongs here. You are awesome.

good ol' bitmap tracin'

i'm impressed you've kept your calm, collective optimism this long.
Over the years i've seen since i first got here in 05 and made an account in 08; you've always kept the straightforward attitude when thinking up story board, animating scenes, submitting flash and viewing critics; you never once broke.

An artist such as yourself is continual and yet aims to try for difference, accepting change without grievance (as far as i've seen from your progress) Therein lies my respect for you.

Glad you've come back, but sorry to hear about the adversity.

Welcome back, champ. I remember watching your toons years ago on your site.

It's always good to have an NG Classic return. I'm not a fan of Foamy, but I wish you the best of luck, and welcome back!

Glad to see ya back :3

I think you're past your time with this series; try something new for a change.

I remember watching this many MANY years ago. And just today I felt like visiting Newgrounds. It can't be a coincidence! I must watch some more!

Welcome back Dude, missed your work.

Glad to hear your alive x

Look forward to your work, whatever form it takes.

Please no..

It's about god damn time =)
Welcome back

to the people being suck ups: Y jim hasnt been posting stuff on here, i dont want to know, but he's been posting stuff for like an entire year on his main website and on youtube. either way i know we're all glad he's back for newgrounds.


@madnessman97 Why are you calling other people suck ups? You have a foamy icon and a profile pic of him. Also your name is madness, which I am pretty sure is because of your obsession with Madness Combat. How much more of a suck up fanboy could you be?

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