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For those who don't know me, I've worked solo on Foamy / Neurotically Yours for over 15 years. So that's what I do. Currently in the process of updated ALL older Foamy episodes to full HD with NEW episodes being posted every 2 weeks on YouTube and NG

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Posting Schedule on NG

Posted by illwillpress - August 31st, 2020

Since I didn't actually think decade old Foamy episodes would mess up everyone's day on NG, I'm pulling back on submissions to NG. So instead of 2 a day, I'll be dropping it down to one episode posted on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. So from here on out, episodes will only be posted on those days. Most will be HD upgrades, but I do still create new episodes which are hand drawn on paper & then imported, cleaned up, and used for animation. New episodes are usually every other week on Wednesdays.

So for viewers, it will take longer to get all the original series episodes back on NG. (For those wondering why they were removed in the first place, look at the previous post's response. It'll tell ya all you need to know.) :)

Hopefully that'll clear up the portal a bit for everyone, and again, I really didn't think decade old episodes would even rank on NG, affecting other's submissions. I don't really expect anything I do, new or old, to trend in any capacity. I just do what I do, post, and hope people enjoy it. :)

Thanks for being understanding.

Be well, Stay Safe, & If you're stuck at home... Use that time to create!






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It's too bad there's not an option to upload without disrupting the portal. @TomFulp is there any way this could be implemented sometime? Like just a checkbox on the submission screen to like "do not submit to daily awards running" etc?

TY for suggesting that. :) It would Seriously help me, and other artists making their way here from YT who may want to share their older work :)

@d0ugl4sm0 he could update the old files with the hd ones

@Wandaboy But I thought he had already deleted the old submissions, hence why he wasn't going that route... @illwillpress That would be way easier!

I responded to why older stuff was deleted in the previous post, it’s fairly involved but if you’re really interested, give it a read :) It’ll clear up a lot. :)

@d0ugl4sm0 we’re actually planning to do exactly that, so people can opt out of the awards. Hoping some of the short thirsty loop entries will make use of it, too.

Opting out of awards would be awesome! For folks like me who want to post older content, but not have it affect others newer material, I would totally hold off on all old submissions and post once it takes affect. (Besides a lot of other artists getting booted off YouTube may be put in a similar situation) So I think long term it’ll probably be for the best :) Awesome idea! TY!

@illwillpress I think I read it... but it was like 4 AM, so I don't know anything for sure... lmao

@illwillpress We've added a checkbox to the bottom of the Project Details form, to "Opt out of any awards", if you're down to give it a try!

Sounds like problems are a solving, the community's a uniting and the fanbase potentially growing even more now that this is all cleared up...

The P-Bot posts haven't been this active in a decade either. Good times.