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Random Update

Posted by illwillpress - August 3rd, 2020

Random News:

Since I'm always pressed for time, I'll try to keep this update short:

1: Monetization Seems to be restored on YOUTUBE for now, but a lot of episodes have been removed.

2: Removed Episode: I'm Trying to get them up on NEWGROUNDS (Again), but it will take a while. Each episodes is a form to fill out basically, and there's like, 400 episodes.

3: The Squirrels & Robots Podcast seems to be fun for me to do, though it's basically a zero income project on most platforms it's posted to. (But it's fine, folks have been helping out on Patreon ... just letting folks know if you plan on starting a podcast, don't expect to make tons of money. Just doesn't happen. So do it 'cause you WANT to.

4: Sue Z. June! I've been working more hours than I should to get the character where I want her to be, and things are starting to gel. Plans for her are to be the "Germaine" for an alt-style series with Foamy & Pilz-E. Since Germaine is a fairly dark-artsy-self-loathing character, I kinda want to see how the squirrels would work with some one who has their crap together. I tried that with Germaine, but her personality is hard-wired to be artsy & depressed. The tormented poet type. She's not the type of character you can slap a new personality on and expect it to work. She is what she is. Sue Z. June is the opposite of that. Yeah, she'll have her moments, but I think mentally, the character is stronger and can bounce back from things a lot better than Germaine. Also the squirrels wont have to spend their time trying to "better" her personality with cutting observations. I'll work on things and stuff will be posted when it's posted. (Check INSTAGRAM for character design...or just look at my doodles here).

5: 4y-Records. I've upgraded all the old episodes to HD, but 3 of them wont be able to be posted on YOUTUBE for guideline reasons. However, based on how people ... react to the series. I've recorded vocals for a bunch of new episodes. The downside of all this is, 2020 is a shit year for over-sensitive individuals who can not accept a difference of opinion. So, hypothetically, if the 4y Guy picks apart "Animal Crossing"... how much crap will I have to deal with. Keep in mind. 4y-Records was never a "oh, this sucks... you suck!" type commentary. It's always tried to be cutting, yet honest, bringing the not-so-obvious flaws and back stories to the forefront of a conversation and ripping up any illusions one may have about something they "love" or define themselves by. Imagine the 4y-Guy commenting on someone's favorite anime as a "lack-luster animation filled with pan & scan still frames, in an attempt at hiding the obvious cheap production values and voice acting so dreadful a hamster in a blender sounds more inviting both visually & audibly." Probably not gonna make people happy. Should I care? Nah. I generally don't. Some of the stuff I criticize in the series I actually like, but I've never been so wrapped up in anything that I need it to be validated by others. (Including my own work), but apparently, people are super-serious, about what they like. Imagine the reaction of a 4y-Records episode commenting on BTS. We'll see as the HD episodes roll out. 

That's about it. Thanks for helpin' out and hangin' in there while the tossed salad of life continues.




Why were a lot of the original episodes taken off this website a long time ago? I miss being able to watch the original flash versions of your cartoons.

@kruno5 I'm so jealous!