Entry #74

Stuff & Things... THE SEQUEL!

2017-12-15 11:55:56 by illwillpress


For those not keeping up with the recent nonsense in the world of JiM (me), YouTube has still been ignoring any and all requests for content reviews and has been for 5 months now. I developed some minor health issues that kinda derailed my normal work flow. But it hasn't all been bad news...



The health stuff is slowly resolving itself, The Sunday Twitch streams have been awesome! I'm still making Foamy episodes despite the health-hiccup and stuff has been fairly ok. As for NG, I'm slowly catching up to where we are with the current Foamy series. I haven't been flooding the portal 'cause it's just rude, so it's been an episode a week. Once we're caught up it'll go back to the every 2 weeks posting that I've been doing for 16 years. 



That's about it... back to work!







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2017-12-15 18:17:29

Dang, sucks about having the health issues pop up at all. Glad it's clearing up. YouTube is such a shitshow these days it's hard to believe. Question: If I allow ads on your videos will it help you out?
Or is it just not even worth trying that way anymore?

It's too bad you can't have some kinda option to upload the mass of videos without it being broadcast site-wide and looking spammy.


2017-12-15 22:27:11

you are in my prayers


2018-01-10 12:26:56

May the Squirrel God bless you with most fortuitous healing and epic reviews!
Foamy is Righteous
His touch will grant you brief immortality
His voice will cure all your aliments
His presence will drive you to sanity

Ok...sorry bout that...had to just glorify that bastard a bit.
Hope all is well in the realm of IWP, and do get better! Looking forward to the next few installments!