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For those who don't know me, I've worked solo on Foamy / Neurotically Yours for over 15 years. So that's what I do. Currently in the process of updated ALL older Foamy episodes to full HD with NEW episodes being posted every 2 weeks on YouTube and NG

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To be fair, you probably won't make money out of Newgrounds, and the new policies only prevent you from being monetized. Doesn't mean your banned, plus you have a large fanbase on Youtube, most of which probably don't use Newgrounds.
Still though, you're always welcome here.

Yeah, I know. Never made money on NG in the past. Not expecting to now. But instances like this really make me appreciate the freedom NG gave it's creators back in the day. I'll keep posting to YT, and frankly, don't expect to get most of my work monetized, but it'd be nice to just stop lurking on NG and contribute again :p

Besides, I'd like to see NG return to it's glory days from a decade ago. Kinda hoping fellow content creators make a return here.

whats a you tube?

Good news here, I'll be happy to watch you wherever you post content ;)
Though I'm one of those people who tend to only come back once a month to see what's new.

It's unfortunate. YouTube was massively promising but it seems like every year they come up with more hoops for creators to jump through to be monetized, found, and successful. Makes me wonder if they just don't like paying out?

I'm trying to use Newgrounds as much if not more than I used it back in the past. This is 'home,' really. I love our freedom here, I love how encouraging people are, and I love the actual critique and quality sifting that goes on here. YouTube feels like it has mixed priorities sometimes.

My hope is that one day Newgrounds can be the ultimate hub for content creators and we will no longer need YouTube. How we can do that is uncertain, but if more content creators maintain themselves here I'm sure that will at least let us all maintain a presence here and at least have many important voices in the fray.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you here and I'm sorry about everything going on there. Excited to see your unabashed content continue on here on NG!

yeah, that does suck man. also sorry I haven't been on your streams

No problem... life happens :P

You should include both the video and flash versions for your uploads. I always appreciate it when creators give users that option since both versions have their benefits. Also, what happened to much of the episodes? I just noticed you removed most of your uploads. :( Glad to see you're returning to Newgrounds. This site and your work had a big impact on me when I was young.

welcome home <3

I hope they fix youtube so you don't come back to my beloved newgrounds

Hm~ ^_^ I first watched your toons here on NG --Foamy's rants and Germaine in the tub come to mind-- so this seems kind of nostalgic. You, and other YT creators, have my sympathy for the YT shenanigans going on, but it's kinda nice to hear that you're coming back to NG~
Hang in there~

I totally agree with you. Keeping the real content here is amazing there are still people I meet everyday that have never heard of it there needs to be some spreading of the love seriously. I totally feel if we get more active users to work together collab and grow learn how to work on projects amazing content can be made. Keep at your animations. Your a motivated machine. :)

When YT first came out (and well after I joined NG), it was a dirty, unmoderated dumping ground. Now it's an institution for all things video, where pandering for a monopoly's money is the MO. Glad I never made an account there, or spent too long gazing into the abyss.

Now NG is on it's last legs.

You should check out videscape.com, I think their a bit more open and they pay .001 cent perview on videos. It wouldn't hurt to check them out. I've been using them and its been working for me since youtube rules keep changing.

It's youtube's loss really...
Here's hoping that Newgrounds (or some other site) can actually go up against their monopoly.
P.S. - I've been meaning to rewatch your body of work, but there's nothing between 2004 and earlier this year. Should I just wait for you to reupload them all or should I head over to either youtube or your site?

Been watching your twitch streams, they're entertaining, including Pum'kin Guy's Elvir---I mean Vampira movie review. Such a sad story of her. You're great on twitch, some people just turn a camera on and expect floods of viewers. The future is bright!

well said well said too much bs on yt and too much ads too much money leeches i only watch yt if there is nothing to do here but if i cant find the good old things on yt bs tube i go to the good old days of newgrounds the gods of the internet!!!!!

Better here then YouTube, at most people will only give you shit for not posting enough! :D